Drunk Fails Compilation #1

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Funny drunk people compilation

A compilation of funny drunk people falling, jumping, walking, and falling some more!

:: Funniest thing you ever seen! /drunk i convenience store! ::

Morning 10am: that will go down in history as the funniest scene!!!!! Drunk guy becomes uncontrollably drunk!! We all can relate to this, everyone gets drunk one way or another in their lifetimes, but this guy took a step beyond… © Copyright 2012-02-15 19:37:06 UTC – All Rights Reserved ©The content of this video clip […]


Please Subscribe! THIS IS THE ORIGINAL ULTIMATE DRUNK PEOPLE COMPILATION VIDEO!!!!! if you like this video please subscribe to my channel! press the SUBSCRIBE button! a compilation of funny drunk people hope you enjoy it 😀 music by Rob Manuel and Daniele Davoli.
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